Welcome to Western Canada's Premier Freestyle Grappling Tournament. The Grand Prix is for Female, Male and Youth athletes who want to test their grappling skills in a competitive forum. We believe that we are united in competition regardless of background. BJJ, Judo, Catch Wrestling, Olympic Wresting, Aikido, Greco Roman, Pankration, Sambo, etc ...are all welcome on our mats!

Event Details


Nov 3, 2019
 Registration and Weigh In at 11:30 AM; Matches Start at Noon.


All Female Division
Kids Division
Male Division

Registration Fee

Early Registration
$30/ Event Date

Day Of - $50/Event


  • Events take place at the Calgary Central Sportsplex, #8 401 33 st NE
  • Round Robin Submission Only - No Gi

Adult(18+) Weight Classes

171 - 200

or CLOEST weight

Kids/Youth Age Brackets
By Age As of April 22, 2018


Brackets Dependant on Age, Weight, Ability

Experience Level
(As of Jan 1, 2019)

1-2 Years
3 - 5 Years
6 -7 Years
8+ Years


  • Submission Only
  • 5 Minute Round
  • 1 Round/Match
  • 3 Points for a Win
  • 1 Point for Draw
  • 0 Points for Loss


  • Cups are optional and can be worn by athletes
  • No headgear or shoes
  • Rash guards, Spats, Shorts are Accepted Uniform

Illegal Techniques

  • No Hair pulling, Eye-Poking, or Fish Hooking
  • No Striking
  • No Butt Scooting

Weight and experience may be adjusted to accommodate brackets. All correspondence is done via email.